«Medical and technical» department

Medical and technical specialties in the Republic of Kazakhstan represent an important foundation of healthcare and the medical industry. “Medical optics”, “Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment”, “Pharmacy” and “Nursing” – each of these specialties carries a unique specificity and significance. They are not only young trends, but are also actively developing, following the latest technological and scientific achievements.

According to the education modernization program, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan has set goals and objectives for technical vocational education institutions to implement this program.

In this regard, in the 2023-2024 academic year , students in the number of students studying in these specialties according to the educational state order: 159 people.

  • 09140200 «Medical optics» with qualification 4S09140201 «Medical optician» – 21 students;
  • 07140600 «Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment» with the qualification 4S07140602 «Technician for the operation and repair of equipment» – 102 students;
  • 09130100 «Nursing» with qualification 4S09130103 «General practice nurse»– 36 students.

The head of the department is Kassymova Mergul Zhenisovna, a teacher of the highest qualification category.

At this department, the teaching staff consists of 11 people, has extensive experience in teaching, of which the highest category is 1, the second category is 2.

The main responsibility of the specialist “Medical optician” is the manufacture of optical products. The field of activity of graduates is the entire technological chain for providing the population with vision correction means (refraction diagnostics, manufacture and subsequent implementation of vision correction means).

Today we cannot do without medical equipment, which requires qualified maintenance.  The technician for operation and repair can repair radio-electronic equipment, television equipment and radio transmitting devices, all medical equipment: the technician for operation and repair of equipment has knowledge of the device of medical equipment, electrical circuits, is able to identify malfunctions in medical equipment, perform soldering and replacement of faulty parts; electrician for the repair and maintenance of medical equipment — performs technical work on the maintenance and repair of ultrasound and X–ray examination devices, equipment for ECG, MRI, CT, 3D modeling of parts and assemblies.

A pharmacist is a specialist in the manufacture, research and sale of medicines. The list of pharmacist’s works includes work related to the acceptance of goods, the sale of medicines and medicines, consulting clients on dosage and issuing recommendations for taking medicines, registration of pharmacy and clinic showcases, maintaining the necessary documentation. He is obliged to know the pharmacological groups, to have a competent speech for consulting clients, to track the shelf life of goods. It is important for him to understand which drugs are prescribed and which are not, and also to be able to calculate the dosage.

For the first time in college, a set of applicants for the specialty “Medical Optics” and “Pharmacy” was held in 2010. Since then, this direction has been continuously developing: the material and technical base has been improved, the range of additional education programs offered for students has expanded, new methods and forms of education have been introduced.

Медико техническое» отделение

Nursing is one of the key professions in the field of healthcare, providing invaluable support to patients in various medical institutions. A general practice nurse plays an important role in providing care, monitoring the condition of patients, performing medical procedures and maintaining comfort and safety.

As part of the training in the specialty “Nursing”, students at our college acquire all the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for successful work in the medical field. The training program includes the study of basic medical sciences, practical training in patient care, working with medical equipment, as well as the basics of psychology and ethics of professional activity.

Every year the college holds professional competitions “The best pharmacist”, “The best medical optician”, “The Best medical technician”, which are the foundation for participation in city and international competitions. These contests are a demonstration of professional skills. The test tests consist only of practical tasks that are really close to the professional activities of the contestants.

Students constantly work out theoretical and practical skills on the basis of social partners such as MedoptikaZ LLP, IP Mir Optiki, Asmarpharm LLP, Europharma, Biosphere, Medico-Innovative Technologies, Medesk LLP and others.

Graduates in these specialties have a high level of employment and have great prospects.