Social and psychological support

The purpose of the psychological service of the college is psychological support of professional and personal development of students, optimization of their socio-psychological adaptation and development primarily within the educational process.


The tasks of the psychological service are:

    • psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process;

    • psychological support of social and personal development of students in the process of educational and professional activity;

    • formation of students ability to self-knowledge, self-regulation, self-education, self-development;

    • providing psychological support through the provision of individual and group psychological assistance;

    • participation in the development of a system of measures aimed at preventing violations in the behavior of students;

    • psychological support of adaptation of high school students to future professional activity;

    • psychological counseling of all participants of the educational process;

    • improving the psychological and pedagogical competence of the subjects of the educational process.

What questions do they ask the psychological service?

    • learning difficulties;

    • conflicts with parents and in the family, problems in relationships with friends, loved ones;

    • anxious or depressive states;

    • difficulties in achieving your goals;

    • feeling of loneliness;

    • difficulties in self-determination, self-search;

    • experiences of grief and loss;

    • eating disorders, panic attacks, obsessions.

You can contact us for any question concerning your psychological state.
The principles of the PS: anonymity, confidentiality, voluntary, free of charge services.



Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 9.00 to 17:30


Karabalaeva Zaura Kuralbaykyzy

Phone: +7 702 929 78 28

I. Esenberlina 16/2, 2nd floor, 201 kab.

Office of emergency child psychological care – 54-70-53
No. 3 city student polyclinic- 54-70-23
Hotline for children and parents – 111,150
Psychological support services at the address T. Zhurgenova, house 26, N.P.62;