09110200 «Orthopedic dentistry»

4S09110201 «Dental technician»

Duration of training:

On the basis of 9 classes: 2 years 10 months.

Based on 11 classes: 1 year 10 months.

A dental technician is a healthcare worker, he works together with a dentist, receiving orders from him for the manufacture or repair of dentures, orthodontic medical devices.

Dental technicians produce different types of artificial crowns, various bridges, removable dentures (used in the absence of more than three teeth in a row), as well as maxillofacial structures. The latest materials and equipment are used in the training of dental technicians. A distinctive feature of the learning process is that the activity of teachers to teach students practical skills is directed from the level of «be able» to the level of “can”, which allows them to work in conditions as close as possible to the real workflow.