Educational direction

The upbringing and inculcation of the younger generation of spiritual and moral qualities is relevant at all times. Our future, the future of the country, is the younger generation, and the upbringing of generations is an eternal theme of humanity.

Educating today’s children and adolescents, who will become the future of the country, providing them with maximum social support, creating conditions for their full-fledged education, protecting their rights and legitimate interests, is one of the main directions of Kazakhstan’s national policy.

The Medical and Technical College does not stay away from this important mission.  Here, education and training are intertwined, creating a single educational space.  Through the prism of academic disciplines, curatorial hours and additional classes, students learn not only professional skills, but also important life lessons, learn compassion, responsibility and respect for others.

The educational work plan covers the following areas:

  • education of new Kazakhstani patriotism and citizenship, legal education;
  • spiritual and moral education;
  • national education;
  • family education;
  • labor, economic and environmental education;
  • intellectual education, education of information culture;
  • multicultural and artistic and aesthetic education;
  • physical education, healthy lifestyle.

The purpose of the educational plan is to educate a hardworking, honest, conscious, creative citizen based on universal and national values.


1. to form skills and instill skills of respect for parents and adults, to listen to their edification, to appreciate family harmony, to adequately fulfill their duties to the family;

2. to instill qualities such as kindness, honor, conscience, dignity, responsibility, a sense of care and justice, to form hard work and legal culture;

3. protect the national heritage, respect the Kazakh language, national symbols, preserve peace, harmony, cohesion and national unity, foster patriotism and statehood;

4. to value health, a healthy lifestyle, purity of mind and emotional stability;

5. to foster respect for nature, national and cultural heritage, economical and efficient use of natural resources.

For this purpose, the college implements a “Unified education program” based on the national, universal values of the Kazakh people.

The common goal of the college staff is to educate a conscientious citizen who has absorbed universal and national values and mastered advanced world education.

Expected results from the student:

1. knows how to respect his parents and adults, accepts and understands his responsibility to the family, appreciates the meaning of the concepts “shanyrak”, “zheti ata”, “tektilik”, cherish family well-being;

2. takes responsibility for his actions in his family and college, is true to his word and deed, supports the younger ones, honors the older ones, protects and values honor and dignity, highly appreciates honest work;

3. shows patriotism, has an active civic position, nobility, considers it his duty to faithfully serve his people, protect the independence of the state, the integrity of the country and the land, knows traditions and preserves them;

4. supports purity of mind and body, healthy lifestyle culture, harmony of the soul;

5. keeps his house, yard, and city clean, strives to keep public places and the environment clean, treats nature with love, recognizes and honors the unique features of his native land, and respects national culture.

National values according to the “Unified Education Program”: ULTTYK MUDDE, AR-UYAT, TALAP.

The value of Ulttyk mudde:

  • participation in strengthening the statehood of Kazakhstan;
  • willingness to serve the national interests of Kazakhstan;
  • service for the benefit of society;
  • actively contribute to the formation of Kazakhstan’s image;be ready to ensure the security of Kazakhstan;
  • take care of the national heritage
  • to glorify national culture;
  • expand the scope of the Kazakh language;

The value of Art:

  • to maintain the principle of academic integrity;
  • observe moral standards;
  • respect honest work;
  • be able to make decisions and form a sense of responsibility;
  • be true to your words and deeds;
  • show kindness and respect towards friends, classmates, and family members;
  • to take care of the honor of the family;
  • feel responsible to your family, group, college, society, country.

The value of Talap:

  • learns to think critically and creatively;
  • he has a desire for communication, work and self-development;
  • promote technological and digital skills;
  • be able to develop individually and in a team;
  • be able to establish the right relationships;
  • be physically active;
  • effectively plan your time and your own resources.

The composition of the educational department:

Deputy Director for Educational Work – Rosa Sagandykovna Esmanova

Teacher-psychologist – Karabalaeva Zaura Kuralbaevna

Inspector of the OUP – Major Otkulbaeva Botagoz Maratovna