The limited Liability partnership “Medical and Technical College” was established in 1999 and is located in its own building, located at the address: Astana, Esenberlin street 16/2.
The founder of the college Professor Ruzuddinov Saurbek Ruzuddinovich is honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2019 the college successfully passed the International Institutional and Specialized Accreditation in five specialties.

Currently, educational activities are carried out in 5 specialties:

    • 09110100 “Dentistry” with the qualification 4S09110102 “Dentist”;

    • 09160100 “Pharmacy” with the qualification 4S09160101 “Pharmacist”;

    • 09110200 “Orthopedic Dentistry” with the qualification 4S09110201 ” Dental technician»;

    • 09140200 “Medical optics” with the qualification 4S09140201 “Medical optician”;

    • 07140600 “Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment” with the qualification 4S07140602 “Technician for the operation and repair of equipment” and 3W07140601 “Electrician for the repair and maintenance of medical equipment”.

Today, “Medico-Technical College” LLP is one of the leading educational institutions in the system of technical and professional education of the Republic of Kazakhstan with an effective management system, using innovative technologies. The College provides high-quality educational services for the training of qualified, competitive specialists in the field of medicine in accordance with the existing prospective requirements of the state and the implementation of an effective model of social partnership between the college, society, and the health system aimed at improving the health of the country’s population.

The development strategy of Medico-Technical College LLP corresponds to the national policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of providing educational services in the field of healthcare, is focused on sustainable development, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, threats and opportunities, and is associated with increasing competitiveness in the training of middle-level medical workers. The mission, goals and objectives of the college, the strategic plan for the development of the college  corresponds to the available material resources and financial assets of the college (classrooms and laboratories, library, computer equipment, Internet access, medical care, nutrition, sports, professional development of employees, etc.) and is aimed at meeting the needs of students, teachers and employees.

The work of the college is evaluated at the international, national and city level. The college has been repeatedly awarded diplomas, letters of thanks from the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Health, from world-famous medical companies, Astana Education Department, National Kazakhstan Dental Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc.