“The best dental technician – 2021”

A beautiful and healthy smile is one of the main components of a person’s image, and sometimes it is his “business card” at all. But some diseases of the teeth and oral cavity, improper development of the jaws, getting various injuries deprive people of the opportunity to smile. In addition, there are speech defects, difficulties with eating, and as a result, many people begin to feel shy about their smile.

But thanks to the work of a dental technician, there is always an opportunity to restore not only lost, but also to preserve healthy teeth. However, to return a beautiful smile to the patient is by no means an easy and very responsible thing. Often we do not even imagine that the skill of a dental technician depends on how charming and attractive a smile will become and how our lives will change in the future.

"The best dental technician - 2021"

Therefore, our college pays special attention to training, training and improving the competitiveness of future specialists. As part of this, on June 2, 2021, a professional skill contest “The best dental technician of 2021” was held. Six participants had to show their skills and capabilities in two stages . The first is a video on the topic “Technology of manufacturing removable non-removable prostheses”. And the second stage is practical, which required a lot of preparation, skill from the participants in modeling the anatomical shape of 26 teeth from wax, making a wax base with occlusal rollers.

The honorary jury was represented by : Nurislam Adilbekovich Nagashybaev – dentist, representative of the Russian company Averon @averon.ru Mynzhasarov Malik Bakytovich is a dental technician of IP Malik, Abzhan Yernar is a dental technician, a graduate of a Medical and Technical college.

"The best dental technician - 2021"

According to the results of the evaluation, by a unanimous decision, with the maximum number of points in the nomination “GRAND PRIX”, the best dental technician of 2021 was a student of the SO-32 group – Amantaev Nurdaulet. Diploma of the II degree – Kumar Nurgisa, Diploma of the III degree – Zhambulatova Aizhan, Diploma of the IV degree – Boyko Vladimir, Diploma of the V degree – Abray Nurbolat, VI – Kavytina Alina.

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