Production practice

The industrial practice of the Medical and Technical College is an integral process and plays a key role in shaping the professional training of students.
The main purpose of the internship is to provide students with the necessary practical experience that contributes to successful adaptation to future professional activities in the field of medicine.

In addition, the main tasks of the production practice include:

1. Acquisition and application of practical skills in practice to consolidate theoretical knowledge in a real professional environment.
2. Familiarization of students with the peculiarities of work in the chosen field of medicine and the basic principles of professional activity.
3. Development of teamwork skills and effective interaction with patients and colleagues.
4. Mastering professional ethics and mastering the rules of conduct typical for the medical field.

The practice is organized on the bases of the college’s social partners, with whom agreements and memoranda of cooperation have been concluded. Thanks to fruitful cooperation with recognized medical institutions and organizations, students are given the opportunity to work under the supervision of experienced specialists, use modern equipment and gain relevant knowledge in their field.

All this contributes to the deep immersion of students into the professional environment and the formation of skills necessary for successful employment in the future.

Mentors and teachers provide students with high-quality support and control over the process of professional growth, providing optimal conditions for their personal development.

09110200 “Orthopedic dentistry” with qualification 4S09110201 ” Dental technician”

09110100 “Dentistry” with qualification 4S09110102 “Dentist”

09160100 “Pharmacy” with qualification 4S09160101 “Pharmacist”

07140600 “Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment” with the qualification
4S07140602 ” Technician for the operation and repair of equipment”


09130100 “Nursing” with qualification 4S09130103 “General practice nurse”

09140200 “Medical optics” with qualification 4S09140201 ”Medical optician”