About the work of the library

The purpose of the library, as an informational, cultural, educational institution with an organizational fund of documents, is to comprehensively provide printed and electronic resources for temporary use to college students in order to form the younger generation as an intellectually developed, spiritual person, patriots of their Homeland.

Opening hours of the library and reading room:

from 9-00 to 18-00

Weekend – Saturday and Sunday

Library tasks

The work of the library of the Medical and Technical College LLP is consistent with the college curriculum and is aimed at ensuring the educational process and self-education through library and information and bibliographic services for students and teachers, is subordinated to solving the general tasks of the college and achieving such goals as:

— assistance to the educational process at the college and self-education of students, teachers through library information and bibliographic services;

— familiarization with the values of world and national culture;

— promoting the formation of patriotism, spiritual, moral and aesthetic principles of personality, moral qualities and attitudes consistent with the norms and traditions of life of the Kazakh society;

— promoting the formation of healthy lifestyle skills, maintaining physical and psychological health;

— promoting the dissemination and development of national culture, continuity of generations, respect for native nature;

— maintenance of the book fund and the textbook fund in working condition;

— full and prompt library and information and bibliographic services for students and teachers;

— formation of the library fund in accordance with the profile of the college and the information needs of users;

— organization and maintenance of reference and bibliographic apparatus and databases;

— implementation of the regime of storage and preservation of the library fund.

The total library fund today is 16570 copies of books, of which 9700 copies are in Kazakh, 6809 copies in Russian, 61 copies in English.

The fund for the cycle of general education and basic disciplines, the fund of industry dictionaries and reference books, the fund of textbooks on electronic media is constantly replenished.  User service is provided both on a subscription and in the reading room. Information base in the library “Platonus”.

The book fund is maximally disclosed and brought closer to readers through thematic shelves and book exhibitions.

Periodicals are issued annually – newspapers and magazines.

All professional journals are actively used by teachers during classes, as an additional illustrated source, and by students when writing theses and term papers. College teachers send their articles to the journals: Bilimdegi zhanalyktar; College: kasibi bilim beru. The directory of the head of the educational institution is Bilim beru mekemesi bashylarynin anyktamalygy., thus, there is a marketing advertising company of our college throughout Kazakhstan.

The library also conducts individual work, performs reference and information requests, selects literature on topics, and provides consultations. Attention is paid to the patriotic and moral education of students.