Events dedicated to the Labor Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On September 26-27, 2023, a number of events dedicated to the celebration of Labor Day in the Republic of Kazakhstan were organized at the college. These events were aimed at emphasizing the importance and formation of a deeper understanding of labor values and skills as a factor of personal and socio-economic development of the country.

1. A series of events began with the writing of essays among 1st-year students on the topic “Patience and work – everything will be overworked”, “The role of work in human life”. These writings contributed to reflections on the value of work and its impact on personal development.

2. Meeting of senior students with successful graduates of our college.
Another significant event was an event where students had the opportunity to meet with successful college graduates. It was a valuable opportunity for students to learn about the career achievements and experiences of former students, as well as to receive advice on future career paths. The meeting with the graduates emphasized the importance of training and hard work to achieve success in the future.

3. The curatorial hour on the topic “My profession is my future” turned out to be an important and effective event that contributes not only to a deep understanding of labor values among students, but also to stimulating their career development and professional growth

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