Dear Graduates!

Congratulations on graduating from college. You have come a long way – from initiation into students to passing the State final certification and awarding the long-awaited diploma. This path was filled with study and creativity, victories and discoveries, friendship and unforgettable intense student events. In college, you received your first professional knowledge, skills, moral guidelines, and showed your abilities and talents for the first time.

Today’s issue of MTK is 224 certified specialists of the secondary medical level. You have received some of the most sought–after professions and qualifications, and now each of you will be entrusted with the most precious thing – human health and life. Entering a new stage of life, we would like to wish you to be worthy of the high title of “Medical Worker” and the trust placed in you. May your hearts never get tired of giving kindness and support, and knowledge will help you overcome any difficulties and return people to a full and joyful life.

Congratulations to you, our dear graduates, dare, create, create and be happy today, and always in a new, adult life!

Administration of the Medical and Technical College

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