Electronic resources aimed at expanding the scope of the Kazakh language

Dear teachers and students!

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan has developed the following electronic products (IP: aimed at expanding the scope of the Kazakh language:

learning the Kazakh language “Tilqural.kz “, ” Abai.institute”, “Tilmedia.kz “, “Balatili.kz ” portals;

aimed at enriching the vocabulary of “Emle.kz”, “Tegminsom.kz”, «Sozdikqor.kz”, «Qazcorpora.kz ” portals;

samples of documents of all industries and instructions for error-free filling “Qujat.kz portal”;
-onomastic, which contains the names earth-water “Atau.kz” base;

support of the process of transition to Latin graphics in the country of Eifyadfentyulya national portal” (portal and converter);

up-to-date information concerning the language sphere “Tilalemi.kz” website.

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