09160100 «Pharmacy»

4S09160101 «Pharmacist»

Duration of training:

Based on 11 classes: 2 year 10 months.

A pharmacist is a specialist in the manufacture, research and sale of medicines. The list of pharmacist’s jobs includes work related to the acceptance of goods, the sale of medicines and medicines, consulting clients on dosage and issuing recommendations for taking medicines, the design of pharmacy and clinic showcases, maintaining the necessary documentation.

He is obliged to know the pharmacological groups, to have a competent speech for consulting clients, to track the shelf life of goods. It is important for him to understand which drugs are prescribed and which are not, and also to be able to calculate the dosage. In addition to pharmacies and pharmacy points, pharmacists work at factories for the production of medicines and pharmaceutical products, in medical institutions, in laboratories of pharmaceutical companies and factories. Pharmacists also work in the field of medical market research, doing marketing research.