07140600 «Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment»

4S7140602 «Technician for operation and repair of equipment»

Duration of training:

On the basis of 9 classes: 2 years 10 months.

Based on 11 classes: 1 year 10 months.

The college provides training in the most popular specialties, many of which are unique both for Astana and for the whole country. The new direction is just such a rarity in the field of secondary vocational education. It is important to note that this situation has developed due to the fact that training in the specialty “Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment” requires an expensive material and technical base. In college, this issue is solved thanks to active social cooperation with the largest companies supplying medical equipment. There is already an increased demand for such specialists from employers in connection with the ongoing modernization and technical re-equipment of health care institutions.

The field of professional activity of graduates includes installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment in health care institutions, at enterprises producing and servicing medical equipment. The range of medical equipment serviced is very wide – these are the most popular ultrasound and X-ray examination devices, equipment for ECG, MRI, CT, etc. A huge number of high-tech medical equipment still needs constant maintenance and repair by qualified specialists. Therefore, this specialty is already one of the most promising. Within the framework of this specialty, students will necessarily study the course of 3D modeling of parts and assemblies, as well as learn how to process the resulting models on a 3D printer and a CNC machine (numerical control).