Медико-технический колледж
Medical and Technical College
Our specialties

LLP “Medical and Technical College” is currently one of the leading colleges in Kazakhstan.

For many years of experience, the college has trained more than 4 thousand highly qualified secondary medical workers, makes a significant contribution to the provision of practical healthcare personnel.

College education is provided on a commercial and budgetary basis.

Here you can get all the information you need about our educational institution, learn about college specialties, admission conditions, and ask questions.

We are glad to see you on our website and are sure that the information provided will be useful to you.

State educational grant in the following specialties:

07140600 “Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment” with qualification 4S07140602 “Technician for operation and repair of equipment”

• on the basis of 9th grade, Russian and Kazakh languages ​​of instruction;

• on the basis of 11th grade Russian language of instruction.

  • Orthopedic dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical optics
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment

To enter our college, you must submit:

✅ A copy of the identity card, birth certificate with IIN;

✅ The original of the document on education (certificate with attachment);

✅ Photo 3×4 – 6 pcs.;

✅ Medical certificate in form No. 075/y with the application of a fluorographic photograph;

✅ A copy of the vaccination passport

  • For 1 year 320,000 tenge.
  • Payment is made monthly.

Nonresident students (social group) live in the dormitory “House of Students”, where 75 places are allocated for college. The cost of accommodation for 1 month is 20,000 — 25,000 tenge.

  • The transfer procedure from college to college is carried out during the holidays.
  • Applicants write an application addressed to the General Director, indicating the contact phone numbers and attach a copy of the record book.
  • If there are vacancies and a positive decision of the commission, the applicant is contacted by the staff of the training department

Contacts ☎️?

College address:

Astana, I. Esenberlin str., 16/2

Admission Committee:
Tel.: +7 (717) 238-23-57

Email: mtk-astana@mail.ru


Instagram: @mtkastana

Secretary of the Admissions Committee:

Tel.: +7 747 790 47 07


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    Astana Medical College – where to enroll after grades 9-11

    Dear Applicants!

    Please read the Instructions for submitting documents through the Egov portal.
    If there are difficulties and questions about admission, then you should contact the specialists of the Admissions Committee.











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    Why choose a medical college in Astana?

    If you are finishing school and thinking about your future, then we recommend paying attention to the medical college in Astana. But why exactly there? Let’s figure it out.

    The Medical College in Astana provides highly qualified education in the field of healthcare. The training program includes not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills that will be useful in future professional activities.


    Where to enroll after the 9th grade?

    If you have finished the 9th grade and are thinking about your future, then a medical college in Astana may be an excellent choice. In college, you will be able to get a professional education in the field of medicine, which will help you find a job in the future. One of the advantages of the medical college in Astana is a wide range of specialties. You can choose the direction that is most interesting to you and suitable for your future plans. Some of the directions offered by the Medical College in Astana include nursing, orthopedic dentistry, dentistry,  medical optics and installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment Medical college after grade 9 can be a good choice for those who want to get a highly qualified education in the field of healthcare and start a career in medicine. It can also be a great opportunity for those who have not previously considered medicine as a profession, but want to try something new and interesting.

    Where to enroll after the 11th grade?

    If you have already graduated from school and are ready to start your professional career, Medical and Technical College in Astana LLP can be a great place to enroll after the 11th grade. In college, you can get a highly qualified education in the field of medicine, which will help you find a job in the future in the following specialties:nursing, orthopedic dentistry, dentistry, pharmacy, medical optics and installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment .

    One of the main advantages of the medical college in Astana is an extensive network of clinics and hospitals that are partners of the college. This gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in real-world conditions and improve their skills.